After School Programs

P.E.E.C.E. KEEPERS is a non-profit 501(C)3 organization dedicated to helping at-risk and vulnerable youth transition, from an existence of abuse, neglect, and violence, towards a life of connection, hope, safety, belonging, and empowerment. We have a youth program that uplifts and empowers at‐risk youth, a mental health awareness campaign that promotes wellness among traumatized kids and kick-starts their journey towards peace, personal development, professional growth, and positivity.

Partnering with significant organizations, our youth program is active, inspiring, and heartfully uplifting. Just to name a few of their activities: our youth have played basketball with Sacramento Kings players' basketball camp at Hardwood Palace, they were co‐pilots flying airplanes with the Tuskegee Airmen, and were selected to participate in the annual Christmas Lights Event at Capital Christian Center. We are proud to support underserved communities to help them grow socially, ethically, and spread their positivity to all.

Our staff and volunteers are here to empower at-risk youth towards lifelong personal growth and instill in them a strong belief in their own abilities through counseling, therapies, mentoring, and positive connections.

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